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Radical Prostatectomy

Pre and Post operative pelvic floor muscle exercises

After a radical prostatectomy your continence mechanism is altered and you will leak urine. Leakage will persist for 3 to 12 months after surgery depending on the complexity of your surgery the start date of your pelvic floor muscle training.

Consult Pelvic Physio 09 623 0161 ext 201 before your surgery

Recent research shows the sooner you begin the muscle training the quicker you are likely to regain bladder control, therefore see a pelvic physio prior to surgery as soon as possible.

Your pelvic physio will examine your pelvic floor, teach correct technique for the required exercise and set you a specific programme to strengthen prior to surgery. She will also identify any issues with bowel emptying and give advice if required.

After surgery you will have a catheter to rest the bladder and allow healing.

Do not practice pelvic floor exercises while the catheter is in place.

Physiotherapy is part of your planned post-op recovery programme, so expect to see your Pelvic Physio at approximately two weeks after your catheter is removed, and then at later dates as required. This allows an opportunity to:

  • Reassess your pelvic floor function as this may have changed

  • Design a new exercise programme based on the current situation

  • Create a return to general exercise plan

  • Discuss concerns


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