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Treatment Options

What We Do


Depending on your problem and diagnosis physiotherapy treatment may include one or more of the following

  • Education & Advice

  • Toileting techniques

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation including

  • Strengthening, downtraining/relaxation, co-ordination, functional training and endurance

  • Bladder retraining

  • Urge control strategies for bladder and bowel

  • Individualised Home programme of exercise 

  • Take home reading material

  • Pelvic floor safe exercise advice 

  • Manual therapy

  • Soft tissue massage / mobilisation

  • Connective tissue massage

  • Abdominal massage for constipation

  • Myofascial relases techniques, Strain- Counter strain techniques

  • Contract Relax and stretch techniques

  • Scar release techniques

  • Electro therapy incuding electro- stimulation, TENS, EMG biofeedback

  • Progressive muscle relaxation techniques

  • Individualised Breathing re-education / retraining

  • Mini relaxation

  • Mindfulness meditation, breathing

  • Vaginal trainers/ dilators 

  • Simple dietary advice and stool managementPostural Correction

  • Postnatal Abdominal rehabilitation for Diastasis Recti (abdominal gap)

  • Back care advice

  • Pelvic stabilisation exercises

  • Advice re belts / splints

  • Strapping / taping

  • Provide Resources – Books, DVD, Websites



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