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Bowel Problems

Bowel Problems


The three main bowel problems pelvic floor physiotherapy addresses are faecal incontinence / soiling, difficulty emptying (including obstructive defaecation) and urgency. 

  • Incontinence 


This involves poor bowel control resulting in unwelcome loss of wind, liquid or solid stool. Physiotherapy treatment focuses on stool management strategies and pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. 

  • Difficulty Emptying


This may occur due to constipation, prolapse and /or obstructed defaecation. For prolapse (rectocoele) treatment includes optimal toileting technique and pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. If a diagnosis of obstructive defaecation has been made due to incorrect over activity of pelvic floor muscles (PPC) then physiotherapy aims to correct inappropriate muscle behaviour with toileting retraining and muscle relaxation techniques which may include biofeedback.


  • Faecal Urgency


Treatment includes lifestyle modifications, bowel retraining and pelvic floor muscle re-education. 



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