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Pregnancy and Postnatal


Pelvic girdle pain involving the pubic symphysis and or the sacro-iliac joints can occur in many women at some stage in their pregnancy or postnatally. Physiotherapy treatment includes gentle manual therapy including trigger point release work, teaching stability exercises and movement strategies to prevent pain, advice and education regarding pelvic stability belts. 

Bladder problems may be resolved with correctly activated pelvic floor muscles and a physiotherapy rehab exercise programme. 


If your postnatal care is at Birthcare Parnell you may meet Vicki or Jill or one of their team during the physiotherapy information sessions that are held every Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning.



Rectus Abdominus Diastasis – abdominal muscle separation is treated with abdominal support, advice and appropriate muscle rehabilitation.

Postnatal issues may arise as a direct consequence of your babies delivery eg perineal trauma, coccyx pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, sexual pain and perineal pain. These problems require careful assessment before our experienced physiotherapist can determine your best treatment and rehabilitation options. Treatment may include pain relief strategies, muscle rehabilitation, gentle manual scar and muscle release, lifestyle modifications and bladder / bowel advice.



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