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Pre/Post Gynae Surgery

Physiotherapy aims to:

  • Protect your pelvic floor from certain activities which may weaken the pelvic floor and damage your surgery. 

  • Give you an understanding of intra abdominal pressure and its effects on your surgery eg coughing,lifting and high impact exercise.

  • Teach healthy bladder and bowel habits to maximise your recovery and improve the longevity of your surgical repair.


In consultation with your surgeon you will receive post operative advice to help you wih the first few weeks following your surgery. Your individualised rehabilitation program begins at 6 weeks post op and ensures that longterm strategies for good pelvic health are in place.

Research indicates a strong correlation between weak pelvic floor muscles, recurrent incontinence and the need for a repeat surgery. (Vakili et al. 2005.) 

If you are having Gynaecological surgery we recommend you look at this Homeward video.



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